ACCIONA is a leading infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services company that actively contributes to sustainable development.


Our goal is to position Acciona Agua as a benchmark water treatment and management construction company that serves more than 70 million people in 20 countries on five continents to water users (the general population).

Because it is a sector of activity that is very sensitive to public opinion and environmental and political organizations, we have to show clients in different countries the excellence of projects and provide a fluid relationship with public entities.

Our work

We create and maintain a very close relationship with the most influential journalists in the sector. To do this, we organize frequent meetings to promote the strengthening of these relationships. We also organize training seminars for journalists on specific topics that may be of interest due to their current economic nature or the industry itself.

We work with the partners of the consortia that carry out joint works, joint communication plans. Likewise, we organize visits to works to show the technology and the operation of its development.

We create and develop specific content and dossiers to provide the media with the most rigorous information about the company and its projects, also preparing the messages and content for any exhibition before any type of target audience in order to position the appropriate message. Likewise, we develop reputational crisis strategies and plans depending on the country and the context, together with Acciona's internal team.


Encompassing the different actions that we carry out, a total of more than $ 100,000 in advertising value and almost $ 500,000 in communication and positioning value were achieved, thanks to the publication of articles about Acciona Agua and its projects in the main generalist media. economic and specialized, as well as in the most influential radio and TV channels in the country.

BeConfluence maintains constant and fluid communication with the target media through press appearances on strategic issues for Acciona Agua, focused on issues related to sustainability, efficiency, technology, profitability and project operations.