Our objective was to create a state of opinion before this process of converting waste into energy through a highly rigorous technological treatment with the environment, with which cities as developed as Paris and London have these energy recovery plants in the middle of their cities.

This provides heating to its citizens in a sustainable way and at a much lower cost than the usual electricity consumption.


The main objective of our work was to publicize the meaning and repercussions of Aeversu's energy recovery, as well as the understanding of the great benefits of these techniques compared to the use of landfills, their importance within the Circular Economy, among your audience map.

At BeConfluence we face the challenge of facing ignorance and misinformation in all interest groups (journalists, public administrations and society in general) in relation to the activity of Aeversu (Association of Companies for the Energy Recovery of Urban Waste), making known the energy recovery and its benefits for Spanish society.

Our work

To start the project, we prepare a complete Competitive Analysis on Aeversu with which we identify the main objectives, audiences and communication axes that the Association should adhere to in order to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Following these lines, and as a first contact, we organized a press lunch with a small group of environmental journalists from the main agencies, general and specialized media of Spain with which we managed to establish an open and close communication channel.

In addition, we develop an online and offline communication strategy, public affairs and social networks focused on the different stakeholders. As part of this plan, we have restructured and fed new explanatory content to the new Aeversu website.

Regarding public affairs strategy, we have analyzed opportunities and key situations for Aeversu on the public administration agenda, providing tools and key internal context to take action and influence the commitment to energy recovery.


It was possible to reach 100% of specialized media and journalists from non-specialized media in relation to the environment, as well as local and regional ones. Through the implementation of these strategies we have managed to begin to educate, inform and influence target audiences, and in this way sow the seed to achieve real awareness about the opportunities that energy recovery represents for Spanish society.

As a result of constant contact with the energy and environment media and journalists, we have established a relationship of trust and knowledge about Aeversu and its activity.