DHL Parcel

DHL Parcel

DHL, the world leader in logistics services, consolidates its DHL Parcel division as one of the main e-commerce providers in Spain and Europe in the growing B2C market.

To this end, the company expanded its services in 2017 and adapted its national and international land transport network and infrastructure to adapt to the needs of the new e-commerce market.


With the aim of positioning itself within the e-commerce sector, DHL creates DHL Parcel in Spain as part of its strategy within the company worldwide.

The main objective with DHL Parcel is to define a brand positioning communication strategy within the e-commerce market, among the increasingly growing users of this sector, as well as among its customers.

What we do

To publicize this new DHL division and on the occasion of its official presentation, we developed an offline (with Spanish press) and online (Twitter) communication strategy and plan. A multi-channel, digital, offline campaign was developed as well as the organization of events where the brand was given a clear positioning, a tone and a differentiating style with the claim “The value of delivery”. A series of videos with clients were also produced, creating a blog with specific content on e-commerce, also giving visibility to the campaign on outdoor furniture and online.

Likewise, a press conference was held for its presentation and the DHL Parcel stands were equipped with vehicles and collection points with the new brand. The strategy for the positioning at the level of messages and appropriate content of DHL Parcel was elaborated as all the necessary information of the new division for journalists as well as frequent questions and answers where it was included according to the experience of the agency and knowledge of the market which questions it would be necessary to answer.

A specific training session was held for the spokespersons who were going to participate in this presentation and they were prepared so that they could adequately convey the positioning messages of this new division. We did both the call to the media, follow-up of attendance, search and management of the location where the event was to be held, as well as the subsequent follow-up of what the media finally published and its analysis and assessment.


Through the comprehensive communication plan that we put in place, we reached...
60 articles published
the next day in economic, technological, logistics and news agencies.
344.376 Euros
in advertising value.
1.033.128 Euros
in value of communication and positioning.
152.911 users
from Twitter only on the day of the presentation.