HRA Pharma: EllaOne

HRA Pharma: EllaOne

In Spain, emergency contraceptive methods prevented 50,635 abortions and 101,271 unplanned pregnancies during the last year.

Lack of knowledge about how these drugs work and the general taboo surrounding this topic led the pharmaceutical company HRA Pharma to seek the help of BeConfluence to raise awareness and provide information about its ellaOne pill, a contraceptive method that has a unique active ingredient.


BeConfluence faced a challenge full of obstacles. Raise awareness not only in society in general, but also a very specific and elusive target such as AND teenagers and offer information about the ellaOne drug.

Not only the nature of the target audience was one of the variables to take into account when launching the message, but also the very nature of the product, a drug, since the Administration has very strict rules in this regard, raising the level of challenge even more.

Our work

To achieve our objectives, we used the reports of the pharmaceutical company and the Government of Spain, we conferred the message we wanted to send and we analyzed the specific audience for each campaign. An action plan was established to carry out a series of Outreach Days in the Autonomous Communities with the highest rate of unwanted pregnancies, starting with Asturias.

For this, a communication plan was defined with specific actions to be able to reach the map of target audiences: local and regional media, pharmacy students and assistants, and a college of pharmacists in the region. As part of the information dissemination campaign on the characteristics of EllaOne, Valentine's Day was chosen to install a fun photo booth in the premises of the La Vaguada shopping center, with a massive response from young people.

The spark of a funny photograph became a suggestive symbol to raise awareness about the importance of sex education and the false myths and fears that Spanish women have acquired around the so-called "morning after pill." Held in the midst of a logical curiosity among those who wanted to participate and among those who collected the informational flyers, made available to them.

Goal accomplished.

An informative day was proposed and managed, collaborating both with the study centers of pharmacy assistants and the university, as well as with the regional college of pharmacists. A meeting was also organized with regional / local journalists where they were provided with all the information from the study carried out by the pharmaceutical company together with the University of La Rioja, as well as the data on unwanted abortions in the region.


With these actions, an economic value in advertising investment of almost 160,000 euros was achieved as a result of the meeting with the media and almost 500,000 euros in communication and positioning value.

A very notable increase was also achieved in the sales of ellaOne in Spain, which is why our communication actions were a success story for the multinational pharmaceutical company in other countries.