Guía Repsol

Repsol Guide

Repsol reaffirms its commitment to tourism and gastronomy through the edition for years of a Spanish tourist guide created in 1979 that proposes routes and itineraries by car, and provides information, of tourist interest, of the places through which you can pass, giving great importance to gastronomy.


Our objective before the Repsol Guide is to value the Spanish gastronomy that today arouses so much interest.

This is achieved by fostering physical approach and sincere interest in other audiences as well as attention to the other Spain that does not live in large cities and that also consumes, reads, listens and gives opinions..

What we do

Throughout 2018 and 2019 we deployed with the Repsol Guide a fortnight of events to achieve this recognition goal. And we did it as close as possible to all the wonderful restaurants that populate our geography and that are the genesis of the avant-garde that with so much success now sits in large cities.

The events were emotional tributes to the magnificent professionals, most of them sausages of anonymity, who populate a list of almost 600 restaurants throughout Spain. These are recognized with One, Two or Three Suns from the Repsol Guide, that distinctly Spanish award that pampers and observes our cuisine scattered throughout towns and cities and that also surrenders, of course, to the great exponents of the culinary avant-garde.

In addition, Juan Duyos designed a jacket for all of them, and the Repsol Guide went to Galicia, Asturias, Andalusia, the two Castiles ... to personally hand each of them a garment that was the metaphor of what we wanted to express: linking our kitchen with the future. The jacket was created from used cotton from reused clothing and plastic waste, mainly from bottles, thanks to the work of the Repsol Technology Center.


The result, in 2018 alone, was excellent: 416 impacts in the media (32 on TV, 53 on radio, 56 in print and 275 in digital), with a potential audience of more than 80 million people.

The result was the definitive connection of this fabric with a Guide that considers them, recommends them and contributes decisively to their public knowledge and recognition. The fact is that the Spanish nature of the Repsol Guide consists in grouping under the same umbrella the indisputable culinary elite of the great chefs with those wonderful restaurants that, with prices for all audiences, deserve a public tribute.