Management of internal communication


We are currently experiencing one of the fastest times of social and organizational transformation in history, so it is necessary for companies to develop the ability to adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible.

For this it is necessary that all the people who make up the organization know and share the purpose and business strategy of the company.

To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain agile and effective communication channels that allow adequate involvement at all levels of the organization so that the employees themselves participate in the process and are not a simple passive person.

We align with your goals

To carry out this work, at BeConfluence we help companies to analyze their communication model and develop an integrated system that helps to promote dialogue and generate greater employee commitment.

What do we do?

We start from the elaboration of an assessment based on the performance of the internal communication in the company, counting with the participation of company managers and employees
We collaborate in the redefinition of the Purpose and Vision and Values of the company so that it is motivating for everyone and allows to reinforce the commitment between the company and the employees

We help to define an internal communication strategy, integrated with the company's corporate culture and its communication policy with the rest of the stakeholders
We participate in the definition and execution of the most appropriate multi-channel communication strategy for each organization

We monitor all the actions that are carried out to assess their effectiveness by creating a panel of employees and providing feedback on the process