Reputation crisis management


At BeConfluence we help you to actively listen and be prepared for possible vulnerable situations in your company, managing communication and crisis situations from the beginning.

Every company or organization must be constantly alert to possible reputational crises, especially in the era of fake news and hyperconnectivity, factors that can undermine and drastically affect the reputation of your company.

We actively and constantly accompany organizations, acting strategically and with a defined plan, designing campaigns that show what you contribute to society and where your company is valued.


We align with your objectives

We identify the risks that have not yet been revealed to minimize the vulnerability of organizations and prevent reputational crises in companies.

We manage and plan a strategy in advance of the activation of the crisis and create effective responses and action plans to contain reputational crises, so that it does not erode the image and external vision of organizations.

What do we do

We design reputation campaigns by adding value to your company and generating trust and credibility with your stakeholders.
We maintain and provide active listening through Social listening tools.

We generate relationships of credibility and respect among your public of interest (even among those that we could consider “enemies”).
We draw up a risk map with which to detect changes of opinion in the environment in which we act in the event of possible crises.

We prepared a crisis communication manual to know how the organization should act and communicate in a situation of this type.
We provide a tailor-made argument with the messages and the tone that the brand should use.

Organize and provide reputation crisis management spokesperson training sessions.
We plan and manage the crisis of your company with the different publics involved.