Spokeperson Training

The spokespersons of the organizations are the visible face of the Firm before its stakeholders and therefore their training is essential. They responsible for transmitting the information that benefits the organization´s image and reputation and of adapting the messages, depending on the target audience.

Objectives in the training of spokespersons

To Understand how to influence stakeholders.

Identify the role that different types of journalists.

Understand when to protect and when to promote the organization.

Delivering the right messages by distinguishing between those that can be delivered and those that cannot.

At BeConfluence , we work in two areas within Spokesperson Training

On the one hand, the guide and advice on how to act in front of the media, where the guidelines, what to say, what not to, as well as difficult situations or questions with the media.

And on the other hand, in hostile situations and crisis communication, where to adapt and reinforce communication skills for corporate and business spokespersons in stressful situations through techniques that allow them to have basic guidelines and basic rules for dealing with the media they are addressing.


We have a team of top professionals working in national television, radio and newspapers, who have proven experience with organization leaders, and who know very well what organizations can face. Silvia Intxaurrrondo, presents "Telenoticias Fin de Semana de Telemadrid" and Carlos Franganillo, journalist and presenter of the second edition of "Telediario de La 1 de TVE", among others.