Strategic Communication


At BeConfluence we understand communication as a strategic tool for your organization and its corporate strength.

Organizations need to be heard in complex situations, and we strategically advise them to modulate their conversation according to that situation. Our team includes media relations, political, and corporate veterans that you will want to have by your side in those moments.

We help create well-oriented and modulated programs to reach employees, customers, regulators, investors and all those stakeholders that are of interest to us through any channel, both online and offline. We know how important it is to be clear about the focus and to own the narrative when we are in a situation of pressure.

Each organization has its own identity, it has a lot to tell and share with its customers: the value of what it does and develops, the innovation with which it works, what it contributes to the community, the benefits it generates for its employees and its shareholders. You have to tell all this from your own narrative, and not let others tell it for you.


We align with your goals

As a strategic communication agency, we analyze the project, environment, company, competition, product or initiative, and we advise you to start, continue or strengthen communication with the different audiences with whom you want to relate or influence.

We define a business communication plan where we guide all the key elements towards specific objectives. We help clients define and guide their narrative. We know how to find and show what is unique and really differentiating in organizations to convey and tell your story and that will make your audience listen to you. The result of these actions is to get a communication to the public that we address in such a way that they care about what you are saying and get involved with your brand.

What do we do

We define a strategy, an audience map and an action plan to follow to achieve the objectives.
We prepare an analysis of the situation and of your sector, with regard to visibility and brand image, in the media, social networks and web positioning, as well as against your competitors.

We define the communication needs based on a public affairs plan, relations with the press, marketing actions and digital campaigns.
We define your positioning, visual and verbal key messages to give coherence to your exposure as a brand, company or manager.

We monitor the news about your company's sector in order to have a margin of anticipation and reduce reputational risks.
… and we execute the action plan.