V Centenary of the Elcano World Tour

V Centenary of the Elcano World Tour

The history of Spain is full of historical moments that changed the future of the modern world. Among them, the round the world tour started by Fernando de Magallanes and finished off by Juan Sebastián Elcano, is one of those that stands tall.

That date was 1519, when five ships left Sanlúcar de Barrameda that would show that the world was round. Half a millennium later, and in homage to that expedition, for the V centenary of the Around the World, an expedition was organized that aims to emulate those heroes.


As we saw, unlike other examples such as the discovery of America, the milestone is not linked to a date of the historical moment.

From BeConfluence we were challenged to retell the history of that trip around the World to promote the V centenary event.

Our work

The Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Defense and the Presidency trusted us to coordinate all actions, calls and requests for the media, as well as with the different regional administrations involved in the events.

With the aim of making this event a recognized, shared and valued event by all Spaniards, we contacted the main Spanish media, especially the press and supplements, both general and specialized, but also television and radio to convey the value of the acts of recognition that were about to start.

During the summer months of 2019, we raised awareness of the event, presented and announced all the activities carried out for this V anniversary and finally we managed with the media the new departure of the expedition in 2019.


As a result, we achieved more than 300 impacts in the press, both general and specialized, but also television and radio, with an advertising value of more than 9 million euros, and 27 million euros in positioning and communication value.