Press relations


The media are a main audience in the development of your company's communication plan if you want to provide visibility and dissemination to your portfolio of products and services.

At BeConfluence we help you to manage the press and communicate with journalists, basing our relationship with them on three fundamental pillars: respect, trust and knowledge. A deep respect for the work of the journalist, a work based on mutual trust and a senior and updated knowledge of the techniques and tools of media positioning of companies.


We align with your goals

We establish a constant relationship with the media in your industry, both on the local and national scene, with the aim of improving the presence of your company in the media and doing so in a way that is consistent with the strategic plan and the identity of your company.

We enhance the exposure of your company's actions, advances and innovations in the media to achieve greater media recognition of your organization.

What do we do

We carry out the management with the press. We organize meetings and interviews.
We maintain constant contact with journalists from national, local, trade and international media.

We select the key journalists for your organization.
We prepare the necessary content, such as press releases, opinion articles and interviews.

We advise you on possible negative information and we act to provide maximum transparency and collaboration with the media in a rigorous way, as well as value the information of the organization.