Stakeholder management and sustainability


In the environment that today we are involved, where we are living great transformations and important challenges, such as climate change, the different stakeholders or interest groups are demanding an increasingly active commitment from organizations on social, environmental and corporate governance issues, based on in a better understanding of their actual needs.

For this reason, it is very important that companies are able to establish the most relevant aspects in which they can contribute to creating value for each of their stakeholders and that they communicate this through a coherent and assemble storytelling.

To this end, companies must clearly identify their purpose in relation to their different stakeholders and establish a permanent dialogue that allows them to generate long-term relationships of trust and collaboration.

We align with your goals

To carry out this task, at Be-confluence we help companies to analyze their relationship with their environment and to identify their main stakeholders and develop the most appropriate action plans for each circumstance.

What do we do

We collaborate in defining the purpose of the organization
We identify the main stakeholders of the company

We analyze which are the most relevant issues from the perspective of the organization itself and its stakeholders in terms of sustainability
We develop an action plan in environmental, social and corporate governance matters adapted to the needs of the company and its different stakeholders

We create monitoring tools for the main stakeholders
We prepare communication materials to disseminate the main commitments and results.