We work with some of the world’s biggest brands, established listed companies, start-ups, inspiring organizations and extraordinary people.


Position AMD as a technology company in the consumer area that leads computing, graphics, high-performance components and data centers technologies in the Spanish and Portuguese market. Reviews, campaigns with influencers, contests, events...

More than 7K annual media impacts are generated
An average of 40 awards are achieved per year
More than 90 M Euros in Advertising Value
More than 680 M audience reach

HRA Pharma

ellaOne campaign: the contraceptive pill without termination of pregnancy
Dissemination, dissemination and raising awareness among the media, users and pharmacists.

More than 800 K Euros in Advertising Value
More than 60 million audience reach

Guía Repsol

The Repsol Guide has become the leading reference in gastronomy in Spain. It has awarded restaurants, for 40 years, with the Repsol Suns.

More than 84 M Euros in Advertising Value
More than 4.6 M audience reach


March 8 campaign #muéveteporlaigualdad Presentation of the campaign and honoring the women of Madrid through Street Art in the Metro.

More than 100 K Euros in Advertising Value
More than 10M audience reach

DHL PARCEL for the e-commerce sector

Presentation in Spain of DHL Parcel as a leading company in solutions for the e-commerce sector.

More than 344 K Euros in Advertising Value
More than 21.9 M audience reach


Help Airbus, the largest European company in the aerospace industry, in its positioning as a leading company in innovation, technological development and one of the main engines of the Spanish economy.

More than 1.1 M Euros in Advertising Value
More than 86 million audience reach

DHL Express

The logistics company par excellence in the world, we help you raise brand awareness in Spain in national and international, land, air and sea transportation. With specialized solutions for growing markets and industries, including technology, life sciences and healthcare, engineering, manufacturing and energy, automotive and retail.

More than 1.2 M Euros in Advertising Value
More than 300K audience reach
Position SATLANTIS, a Basque company in the space sector that is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of optical cameras for observing the earth from space. It is chaired by Cristina Garmendia and directed by the CEO, Juan Tomás Hernani.

More than 100 K Euros in Advertising Value
More than 13.5 M audience reach

Spanish Waste To Energy Association

We help generate a favorable climate of opinion on the part of AEVERSU that works to contain the serious problem that the “use and throw away” consumerist model causes in our society, with the consequent immense generation of garbage and unusable waste. Aeversu is established as part of the solution to this serious environmental situation, after reduction, reuse and recycling.

More than 100 K Euros in Advertising Value
More than 21 M audience reach

Metaverse REPORT

Carrying out the First Analysis on Internet Searches of the Metaverse in Spain and the UK. The analysis carried out among more than nine million people in 2021 and 2022 concludes that the main economic sectors are incorporated into this virtual world.

Round Table: +60 participants
More than 100 K Euros in Advertising Value
More than 8.4 M audience reach

Social Action NGO Platform
X SOLIDARIA campaign

Help disseminate organizations that help the most vulnerable people during tax filing time. You can mark it when you file your income tax return.

More than 54,000 Euros in Advertising Value
More than 1.2 M audience reach

Otis Mobility Awards
“For a world without barriers”

Very proud to help disseminate these awards since their inception that recognize the work of people and organizations that contribute to achieving a society and a world without physical, sensory, cognitive or any other limitations.

More than 335,000 Euros in Advertising Value
More than 7M audience reach
The Torrijos market is one of the most iconic spaces in Madrid, they are fighting against its disappearance by investment companies, like other markets in Spain, due to its subsistence and proximity to urban neighborhoods We have developed a communication campaign that makes the case that these merchants are going through publicly visible. The appearance in the media has been essential for the residents of Madrid and the merchant associations to be aware of their situation and show their support for the market.

More than 700,000 Euros in Advertising Value
More than 11M audience reach