Strategic communication


Have a clear focus and be the owner of the narrative when we are in a pressure situation.

Make yourself heard in complex situations, and modulate the conversation.

Have your own narrative, and not let others tell it for you.

We define a strategy, an audience map and an action plan to follow to achieve the objectives.

Sector situation analysis We prepare an analysis of the situation and your sector, with regard to visibility and brand image, in the media, social networks and web positioning, as well as against your competitors.
Communication needs We define communication needs based on a public affairs plan, relations with the press, marketing actions and digital campaigns.
Positioning We define your positioning, key visual and verbal messages to give coherence to your exposure as a brand, company or manager.
Reduce reputational risks We monitor current events in your company’s sector to have room for anticipation and reduce reputational risks.
and we execute the action plan.

Politics and Public Affairs

The research and intelligent information that we develop in the field of Corporate Communication, Institutional Relations and Public Affairs are our competitive advantage, backed by the experience of our team of professionals with extensive experience in communication, political, parliamentary, regulatory and of relations with the press and institutions.

In the field of public affairs and politics, we help organizations to position themselves in the political and societal conversation, to define their main and occasional priorities, and above all to have a consistent and rigorous voice with which to defend their interests. and those of its stakeholders.

Daily regulatory monitoring of political and parliamentary activity.

Accreditation in Congress, Senate, European Parliament.

Relationships of direct and immediate influence.

Access to information in real time.

Identification and management of alliances.

National, regional and international scope.

Definition of indicators.

Compliance with transparency, professionalism, in accordance with the corporate governance culture of companies and aligned with international standards.

Relations with the press

We help you carry out press management and communicate with the journalists, basing our relationship with them on three fundamental pillars: respect, trust and knowledge. A deep respect for the work of the journalist, a work based on mutual trust and knowledge senior and up-to-date with companies’ media positioning techniques and tools.

Constant ratio
We establish a constant relationship with journalists from national, local, sectoral and international media.

We get media recognition for your brand.

We carry out management with the press.
We organize meetings and interviews.

We select the key journalists for your brand.

Content development
We prepare the necessary content, such as press releases, opinion articles and interviews.

We advise you on possible negative information and we act to provide maximum transparency and collaboration with the media in a rigorous manner as well as highlighting the organization’s information.

Digital Marketing

Through data analysis, technology, and experience we are able to solve your needs through innovation and creativity.


We build and generate trust with our beloved audiences.

We create campaigns where design, creativity, offline and digital marketing actions and digital communication go together.

We design the creative idea of ​​the campaign.

Content strategy
We create and manage social channels, content and planning for your company.

We manage actions with influencers in your sector.